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The Breakdown: X Games Best Whip Preview

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A very wise man once said, “Sorry but you can’t judge Best Whip…every f***ing person out there throws bad-ass whips”. That wise man was none other than Best Whip competitor Lance Coury at last year’s Monster Energy Cup. Coury was and is one hundred percent right! The whip like most other freestyle tricks can be executed in a variety of ways, all of which are sick in their own way…there is your classic whip, turndown, the anti-whip, twitch whip, and the seat bounce whip to name a few. Sure there are some riders the just aren’t good at whipping, but those riders won’t be in Austin.

Given the events rules and judging system, I am not even going to try and breakdown this like I would a normal competition. In my opinion the fans are the real winners with this event, anyone who has ever rode loves to try and throw whips, and anyone who watches FMX loves to see a big old whip thrown. So at the end of the day, how can a six minute whip train being anything but enjoyable no matter who wins.

We already know that the chances of the person with the biggest whip winning is 1 in 6 and it rarely happens, but who cares. There is NO way you can judge this event, so just be happy it stays an event and allows a handful of riders to collect a pay cheque. And fans and riders can also be happy that Beau “The People’s Champ” Bamburg is back at the X Games after a few years away. The Oregon based rider has been consider by many of his peers to be the best whipper to ever throw a leg over a dirt bike. Bamburg has spent the majority of his time in recent years riding with Travis Pastrana on the Nitro Circus Live tour.

Beau is BACK!
(Photo: FreestyleMTX.com)

Joining Bamburg will be Vicki Golden, the Metal Mulisha rider is back after her bronze medal performance in Los Angeles last year. After making the switch from a 250 to 450, Golden looks better than she ever has and will be the real deal when the bikes get fired up on Friday night live on ESPN.

RCH Suzuki rider Lance Coury will be in the lone star state to show off his silky smooth whip. Lance made his X Games debut last year winning gold in Speed & Style (Brazil) and a bronze in Best Whip (Munich). The man who won Best Whip in Munich was Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, the Monster Energy rider has 12 X Games medals (4 Best Whip golds). Always a fan favourite, Stenberg could very well add to his medal count this weekend.

To me, the story of the X Games so far has to go to Tom Parsons! After some doubt whether or not he’d ride X Games because of a leg injury, we spoke to Tom today…he has a special cast on his leg so if it re-breaks, hopefully his rod doesn’t bend. Long story short, Parsons is riding Best Whip with a cast on!!! This guy is an animal and deserves your votes this Friday.

Don’t worry, I would never forget about Josh Hansen. If you watched last year’s X Games in Los Angeles than you probably seen Hansen throw what many believe was the biggest whip anyone has ever seen. The scariest part of that whole deal is Josh barely rode in 2013, due to a lack of resources Josh was forced to save his bike for actual events which made practicing a challenge hard. With support from Kawasaki and actual seat time this year, I am nervous to watch Hanny get down in Texas!

All the action gets underway before the Step Up competition at 5pm PST live on ESPN.
(Photo: Josh Burns)