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Parsons whips his to gold, Renner takes fifth Step Up gold

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Austin, Texas (June 7, 2014) – If you had asked Tom Parsons on Monday if he was going to win Best Whip, his answer would have been that he didn’t even know if he would ride this weekend. Parsons is still recovery from a broken leg that has kept him off the bike for all of 2014. Earlier this week Tom was finally finally able to hit a ramp, it only took a few hits for Parsons to decide it was good enough to go, “I can seat bounce, I did 75ft yesterday. My leg has a special cast on it just incase it re-breaks, the cast should keep the rod from bending” Long story short, Parsons rode Best Whip with a cast on and still won!

Parsons’ toughness and MASSIVE whips were rewarded with 33% of the fans votes! Behind Parsons was Jeremy Stenberg with 22%, Stenberg won our gold medal for variety and the best looking kit debuting the 2015 Shift Faction moto gear. Rounding out the podium was Josh Hansen with 18%…

Lance Coury, Vicki Golden, and Beau Bamburg made up position fourth thru sixth. Coury was consistent as always and Vicki Golden, the only female to compete in a FMX event held her own against the guys. Beau Bamburg was really the only guy coming close to the size of Parsons whip, but poor camera angles and lack of TV time may have hurt the rider from Oregon.

Parson can WHIP!
(Photo: Shane Ruiz)

Then it was time for the boys in Step Up and Ronnie Renner did what Ronnie Renner does best, he flawlessly put his Red Bull KTM over the bar at every height he was faced with. It was a far cry from the 47 ft he jumped in 2012, but Renner handled the poor traction better than anybody else to clear 34ft and take his fifth Step Up gold. Bryce Hudson finished off the event in second making it to 33.5 ft, but his two misses at 34 ft left the door wide open for Renner.

Libor Podmol had the most eventful evening out of the line up! The Czech rider used his unorthodox seat bounce style to grab third spot. But not before he almost take her down at 32 ft…by the time he saved it, he was on the Endurocross course and just missed a camera guy. While it was fun to watch, one would have to wonder if the incident re-injured his already weak wrist.

The surprise of the night came by way of Matt Buyten’s elimination. The Metal Mulisha rider was the first to be eliminated at 30ft. The result was very un-characteristic for the 11-time Step Up medalist and you can tune into Talkin’ Moto Podcast this Monday to hear straight from Matt what happened.

When Renner gets rolling, it's almost impossible to stop the Red Bull KTM rider.
(Photo: Shane Ruiz)